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LEGO Minecraft The Pumpkin Farm Set with Steve Figure 21248

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LEGO Minecraft The Pumpkin Farm Set with Steve Figure 21248

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LEGO Minecraft The Pumpkin Farm Set with Steve Figure 21248

Minecraft players can put the game’s pumpkins centre stage with LEGO Minecraft The Pumpkin Farm (21248) building toy set for kids aged 8 plus years old. Starring one of the game’s most popular characters and a troublesome witch, this versatile playset will inspire endless action-packed adventures at the pumpkin patch for fans of the popular game.

Hands-on Minecraft pumpkin playset set in the game’s infamous swamp biome, this highly reconfigurable toy features the leading Minecraft character Steve at a pumpkin farm, built around a pumpkin-shaped Minecraft house. The house has a furnished interior, including a bed, Minecraft crafting table, furnace and a frog light. Outside is a pumpkin patch that Steve cultivates with his hoe. Play opportunities shift to battle action when a witch throws potions at Steve and he fends her off using his bow. The set also includes a frog, toy boat and a chest containing an egg and sugar, giving kids the opportunity to make pumpkin pie! For added digital fun, builders can zoom in, rotate sets in 3D and track their progress using the fun LEGO Builder app.

LEGO Minecraft building toys give kids a different way to enjoy the popular game, with mobs, scenes and Minecraft character figures brought to life with the hands-on creativity of LEGO bricks. This LEGO Minecraft farm toy set makes a fun birthday gift or any-time treat for 8 plus year old kids who love the Minecraft game and LEGO construction toys.


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