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Playmobil Argo and the Argonauts Set 70466


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Playmobil Argo and the Argonauts Set 70466

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Jason, leader of the Argonauts, sets out on the fabulously fast galley Argo, together with Hercules, Orpheus and Atalanti, to fetch the Golden Fleece from distant Colchis.

On his galley Argo, Jason is on his way to fetch the Golden Fleece, a legendary golden fur, in Colchis. He is accompanied by Hercules, Orpheus and Atalanti. The Argo is not only incredibly fast, but also has a crossbow gun for defence. It is quite possible that it will be used on the dangerous journey of the Argonauts, because the Golden Fleece is guarded by a dangerous dragon. In the middle of the stern there is a storage room for provisions, after all nobody knows how long the adventure will last. The game set contains the legendary characters Jason with the Golden Fleece, Hercules, as well as singer Orpheus with harp and huntress Atalanti. The galley is floatable and can be upgraded with an underwater motor


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