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Playmobil Scool Bus, Set 71329.

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Playmobil Scool Bus, Set 71329.

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Playmobil School Bus, Set 71329.

Large PLAYMOBIL school bus with sliding door, folding ramp for the wheelchair and space for five figures. The set includes a bus driver and two PLAYMOBIL children’s figures.

Off to school! The school bus takes all children on the way. The waiting children board via the folding ramp for wheelchairs at the rear doors or via the sliding door at the side. The roof of the school bus can be removed so that children and driver can easily take their seats. If more storage space for luggage is needed for special school trips, the school bus also has a trailer hitch. With the modern school bus from PLAYMOBIL, even the ride to school becomes an experience. There is space for five figures in the vehicle. The rear doors can be opened. Thanks to the foldable ramp, the children’s wheelchair can easily be pushed into the bus. To make the interior easier to play with, the roof of the driver’s cab and the roof insert are removable.

    The set includes three PLAYMOBIL figures, a school bus, a wheelchair, backpacks and other great extras. A charmingly designed playset for bright children aged 4 and up.



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